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Current issues we are aware of and working on:

- Some non alpha characters display incorrectly in Chat
- Stories do not go to next story automatically
Welcome to Herp.Social, the leading social media platform for herpetology enthusiasts. As we have recently launched, we kindly request your patience as we undergo stress testing and iron out any remaining glitches in the coming weeks.

We are proud to announce that there are no restrictions on the use of the word "Sell" or any similar terms. You are free to post and share content as you please. Our intention is to maintain a hands-off approach and allow the community to shape the future of Herp.Social.

We would like to express our gratitude for your understanding and patience as we continue to develop this top-tier platform.

Warm regards,
The Herp.Social Team

Is there a way to stop requests from certain groups?
I keep getting repeated join requests from a particular group that has no relevance to me (I don't keep the species in question and have little interest in it). I keep declining it, but the request keeps popping up repeatedly... sometimes multiple times a day. Is there a way I can stop getting the request? I know on Facebook there is an option to stop getting invites from a specific group, but I can't seem to find a similar feature on here... can I block a group?

Many thanks 😊

Server upgrades are complete. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Is there a way to pin a post on your page? That way its the first thing people see when the scroll down your page.

On Wednesday June 14, we will be offline for the morning as we migrate to a new, bigger server to handle the traffic and storage needs for the next few years! Thanks for your understanding!


If anyone is in KY or surrounding states, join our group!


Kentucky Reptiles and Exotics

Kentucky Reptiles and Exotics